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A knock at the door of his room made him jolt his head up. He fixed his eyes to the other male who could be seen from the opening of the door and after a while he turned away from him.

"Hey , what are you doing in here all alone" Eunhyuk exclaimed , looking to the younger boy with concern. "Everybody is outside celebrating!" he continued.

"No...not everybody" The younger exclaimed as he looked at a photo he was holding and to his phone beside him ; Sadness visible.

Eunhyuk sighed as he walked infront of the younger. "Donghae , you know they are celebrating too , they are our family after all" he reasured him as he cupped his cheecks.

"We dont know that...not for all of them" he said as brush his thump upon Kibum's and Hangeng's faces at the photo.

Eunhyuk sighed yet again. His eyes shifted to the phone beside the younger. "Did you tried calling them?" he asked.

"No...Im afraid! What if they answer and yet they do not celebrate as we? What if Im going to disturbe them from something important. After all...we are not that special , are we?" Donghae exclaimed in the verge of tears.

Eunhyuk thump away the tears that were threating to fall. "Dont be stupid of corse we are special! We are a special big family of 15 members. We would never distubed them for anything important and even if we did they would never admit it ...and especially to you. Dont forget that you are everyones favorite!" he said as he tried to cheer his fishy up , Donghae let out a small smile.

"I am going to wait you outside, today we are going to celebrate whether you like it or not" Eunhyuk chuckled and walked to the door. "Plus you will never know if you wont call them" he winked to the younger before vanishe to the living room.

Donghae had been left staring at the place Eunhyuk was before leaving. He could hear everyones happy voices from the living room. He flashed a sad smile as he pick up the phone though he didnt dial right away. He let some minutes pass before dialling down Kibum's number.

After some time the phone rang a tired voice picked it up.


"Anneyong Kibum-sshi , its me Donghae..." Donghae said quietly still not sure if he was doing the right thing.

"Hyung are you okay ?" Kibum asked right away concerned to the fact 'why his hyung wasnt excited as always' when he greet him.

"N-nae , everything is fine Kibummie..." he said still hesistantly " I just wanted to say ...Happy 6th Anniversary" his vice almost inaudible

Kibum chuckled from the other line and Donghae frowend slightly, he didnt know what to expect as an answer.

"Please dont tell me you thought I forgot or I wouldnt celebrate it " Kibum exhalled and Donghae bite his bottom lip through the other line.

"Hyung , how could I forget our familys anniversary ? I was just waiting to finish my schedule so I could call you all.. Please tell the others that I miss them too" Kibum continued.

Donghae nodded "I will Kibummie" A smile showing at the olders face.

"Nae Hyung I have to go now , are you going to be okay ?"

" I'll be fine Bummie , dont worry..." he said the smile never left his lips.

"Nae Hyung I have something to tell you!"


"I miss you Hyung..."

"I miss you too Bummie"

"Happy 6th Anniversery Hyung! and please dont feel sad"

" I wont Bummie , have a nice day and take care , nae?"

"Nae Hyung...Im going to hung up now..."


The line soon got dead and after a while Donghaes smile faded away and a frown took over as he stared at the contact in his phone with the name 'Hangeng gege'. He wanted so much to call him. See if his okay , if he still remembered their's family anniversery..but he was afraid. What if the chinese man didnt celebrate and didnt remember , what if he was attending something importand.

"Plus you will never know if you wont call them"

Eunhyuks words rang in his head and he pressed the calling button.

"Nin Hao ?"

"Nin Hao Gege , its me Donghae" he said in chinese.

"Donghai , so nice to hear you is everything okay?"

Donghae nodded. "Shi Gege! Everything is just fine..." he bite his bottom lip before he continued. " I just wanted to wish you Happy 6th Anniversery"

"Happy 6th Anniversery Donghai!!" Hangeng said excitedly from the other side of the line , which left Donghae in some shock.

"I wish I could be there with you guys ... I really do! But..."

"I know Gege.." Donghae's smile came back slowly as he shifted a bit on his bed.

"I miss you guys" he could hear the plead in the others voice.

"We miss you too , gege"

" Say hi to everyone for me...and kiss Heechul and Siwon for me too "

"Ewww! HYUNG!" Donghae whined in his mother language. Hangeng only chuckled from the other side.

"I have to go now , but i am more than just thankful you called..Zhaogu!"

"You too gege"

"Do not for get the kiss"

"Hyung!" Donghae whined again " I wont forget..."


"Xiexie , Zaijian!"

"Zaijian Donghai!"

Then the door opened slowly and a smilling Donghae met up with a concerned Eunhyuk.

"Are you okay , I called you out an hour ago!" Eunhyuk said before lookin at fishys smilling face and a gummy smile came to view.

Donghae hugged Eunhyuk tightly before snuggling a bit closer.

"Let me guess...They do remember!" Eunhyuk exclaimed.

"Nae!" Donghae chirped excitedly.

"Told you so! Come on lets go to the others" Eunhyuk said as he freed himself from the younger and walked towards the door.

"Hyung!" Donghaes voice made his contact with Eunhyuks ears and as soon as he turned to look at the other he felt soft lips touching his.

The nice and hypnotizing sensation didnt last long but both of them would cherris it forever.

"Happy 6th Anniversery , Hyukkie!" Donghae chirped before leaving the room and headed to the living room to celebrate with his other family memebers.

Happy 6th Anniversary Super Junior!!!!
Im so excited!!

Contains : Slight EunHae , hint of KiHae , hint of SiHanChul
Chinese words used:
Nin Hao = Hello
Shi = yes
gege = hyung = big brother
Zhaogu = take care
Tai Hao = great
Xiexie = thank you
Zaijain = bye bye

So I wrote something for this so special Day of ours(elfs & suju)
Hope you like it !


This work of art was created by me, and neither you nor anyone else has permission to use it. If you suspect it is not mine do not report me or I will report you unless you have solid proof that it is not mine. If not, I respectfully ask you to take your accusations elsewhere. Thank you for your compliance. Any similiarity to real persons, living or dead, is coincidental and not intended by the author.
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Awaki-no-Tenshi Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2011  Student Interface Designer
Awww sweet .. Happy 6th anniversary !!!!! ^^
752364 Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
Freak4ever Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2011  Student General Artist
huh? ... guess you liked it ^^
752364 Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
Of course~
powerofsong Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2011   Writer
I think you mean "tai hao" instead of "wei da" for great. "Wei da" does mean great, but in the sense that someone is great, instead of something. You would say "Martin Luther King was wei da". So yeah.
Freak4ever Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2011  Student General Artist
thx for correcting me , I should have a talk with google later in the evening on how it gave me the wrong word >> ...

yeah but thx! (though im too bored to change it nao xD sorry)
SquishyPandaPower Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
This was really sweet, but next time (hint) use some spell-check. ^^;
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